Learn how Handy Heels came to be.

I’m Alli

Hi, I'm the owner and creator of Handy Heels. I'm 30 something and a mum of 2. I recently left the corporate world to start my own business fueled by my passion for all things SHOES!

As far back as I can remember I have always had a 'thing' for shoes (I even insisted on wearing my favorite red shoes to bed aged 2)

Nowadays I wear high heels ALOT and find the heel tips are constantly wearing down. As well as that,my colleagues and friends were telling me their frequent visits to the cobbler were becoming expensive and very inconvenient.

So I decided to launch my own company and set up HANDY HEELS. They are the simple and convenient answer to worn down heels.

I hope you like them and will join me on my mission to 'heal heels'.