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How do I use my Handy Heels ?

Simply remove from packaging, gently slide onto the bar of the heel and stand up with your full weight on the shoe. The Handy Heel is designed to slide into place without any adhesive. To remove, just pull strongly on the Handy Heel and it should come away from your shoe.

Damaged or incorrect items

We use the most reliable postal services available to ensure your purchase reaches you in perfect condition. However, accidents happen.

If this is the case and your product was damaged before it reached you, please feel free to contact us directly at and we will arrange a replacement as soon as possible.

What are Handy Heels made from ?

Handy Heels are made from a mix of very durable plastic and flexibile rubber.

Are they available in any other colours aside from transparent ?

We have plans to add to the range in the coming months. This will include new sizes and several new colours. But for the moment Handy Heels are only available in transparent.

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Are they available to purchase in multi-packs ?

Yes, Handy Heels can be purchased in packs of up to 12 pairs.

Are they waterproof ?

While Handy Heels can be worn outdoors and in rain showers without any issues ,they are not designed to be in water for long periods of time.

*We do not recommend running in any weather conditions while wearing Handy Heels.

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